Investment Banking

Mergers & Acquisitions
Silver Road Capital provides a comprehensive range of services in mergers and acquisitions transactions.
The company represents transactions on both sides of the barrier (Buy Side and Sell Side).
We work closely with the owners and managements of the companies in order to produce transactions of maximum value for shareholders, investment entities, holding companies and more.

 Silver Road Capital advises our clients with regard to the engineering of financial transactions, finding creative ways for optimal profitability, helping in formulating the right terms and types of financing and examining business and financial alternatives taking into account our client’s needs.

Silver Road Capital assists private and public companies, investment funds and corporations in building value through equity and debt transactions that add value to the company and the shareholders and enable leverage and continued growth of the business. Silver Road Capital also assists in generating target opportunities for the shareholders and management thinking creatively both in and out of the box to bring unique advantages to our clients.


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